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Massage Therapies

At The Little Escape we offer many types of massage therapy. What better little escape than allowing an experienced and wonderful massage therapist to ease out the knots of tension in your muscles? Check out all the different massage options and combinations on our Online Booking system.

Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage (also known as Swedish massage) are always popular and have so many health benefits, aside from and including the oh-so-simple but oh-so-difficult matter of relieving stress. Treatments are usually at least an hour for a full body massage. Each practitioner is fully trained and experienced but may differ from one another in style- why not try them all? 


Mayumi OkunishiHazel FreemanSuzanne GogginDaniela BrognaYvonne AbelMarie-Caroline Cotel all offer either Deep Tissue and/or Holistic massage.

We also offer: 


Pregnancy Massage for women past the first trimester - when making a booking please let us know how many weeks along you are so we can best accommodate you. HazelSuzanneDaniela and Marie are our qualified pregnancy massage therapists.

For some issues during your pregnancy, Physiotherapy or Osteopathy may be a better option. Simone offers Pregnancy Physiotherapy, and Peter offers Women's Health Osteopathy.

DanielaMarieHazel, AusteYvonne and Fiona all also offer Sports Massage, and DanielaMarieSimone, Hazel, Auste, Fiona and Seamus offer Remedial Massage, all of which cost £65ph, or £95 for 90mins.

Also you can book:

  • Indian Head Massage with Hazel, Suzanne and Jacquie

  • Natural Face Massage with Hazel, Suzanne and Mayumi

  • Hot Stones Massage with Marie and Hazel


We also offer great variations on the more common forms of massage, such as Thai Yoga MassageMyofascial ReleaseBowen TechniqueTuiNa and Chair Massage.



Click HERE to see the massage options available to book online.

And meet our massage therapists - click on each name to find out what they do, and how they do it!

  • Daniela Brogna

    • Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy​ and Post Natal Massage
  • Hazel Freeman

    • Holistic, Deep Tissue, Natural Face, I​ndian Head, Pregnancy Massage, Sports, Remedial, Hot Stones 

  • Jacquie Bullen​

    • Holistic and Indian Head Massage​

  • Marie Cotel​

    • Holistic, Deep Tissue, Sports, Remedial, Pregnancy, Post Natal and Hot Stones Massage​

  • Mayumi Okunishi

    • Holistic, Deep Tissue, Natural Face, I​ndian Head Massage, Aromatherapy

  • Suzanne Goggin

    • Holistic, Deep Tissue, Natural Face, I​Indian Head, Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage,  Aromatherapy

  • Yvonne Abel

    • Holistic, Deep Tissue, Sports and Remedial Massage

  • Fiona Le Vien​

    • Sports, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga Massage​

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