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Osteopathy is offered by: 

Auste Mickunaite Thursday mornings
Mike O'Connor on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings
Peter Schimke on Monday mornings, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons

Please note our Osteopaths all have their own pricing structure (see the Prices page), and different style of practise/specialist areas too:

Auste: Structural, Functional Movement, Clinical Pilates
Mike: Fascial, Functional, Structural, Visceral
Peter: Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Structural

About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a safe, well established and natural form of manual therapy. In addition to being effective in the relief of symptoms, one of the main strengths of osteopathy lies in its ability to assess each person as an individual and to ascertain what factors have contributed to a particular complaint or history of pain/dysfunction. 

Osteopaths work in close collaboration with our patients, and sometimes, with other medical professionals. The aim of treatment is not only to sort out the immediate problem but to leave our patients in better physical health, providing them with a better understanding of what has happened to cause the problem and reduce the likelihood of the problem reoccurring in the future. 


Osteopathy is offered by Mike O'Connor, Auste Mickunaite and Peter Schimke most days of the week.


Mondays, 8am-12pm

Thursdays, 8am-3pm

Saturdays, 2-6pm 


Mondays, 8-12

Tuesdays, 1.30-7

Thursdays, 2-6

Fridays, 2.30-6.30


Mondays, 2-7.30pm

Wednesdays, 2-7.30pm
Thursdays, 1.30-7.30pm

To book Osteopathy online, click here.

Please note that Peter Schimke manages his own bookings, details of how to book with him can be found on his website

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