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Initial consultation, 60 mins.              £75

Follow up45 mins                            £65

Full Body MOT, 90 mins                   £120

Myofascial Release, 60 mins          £75


  Monday 2.30-7.30pm

                                  Wednesday 2-8pm

                             Thursday 2.30-7.30pm

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Mike is your Myofascial Osteopath - combining Osteopathy with the best of advanced Myofascial Release, neuro-functional techniques, visceral manipulation and Scar Tissue Work.

Mike specialises in treating postural dysfunction and associated problems, in correcting imbalances in the myofascial and neuromuscular systems that cause painful joints and muscles, re-setting muscle firing sequences/patterns to restore correct kinetic chains of movement and function, sacral decompression and sporting and non-sporting injuries.

Mike also has a particular interest in pain and dysfunction that has not responded to other forms of treatment, and in systemic health issues that may cause physical pain and imbalances, and restrict movement and function.

Mike works with a huge variety of clients, from elite athletes to those who like to keep fit with a regular gym routine/Personal Trainer, marathon/10k runners, to those who spend many hours each day sat in front of a desk – whoever comes through the door, the focus of Mike’s work is on using his range of advanced techniques to look for the underlying causes of issues as well as treating the symptoms, to relieve pain and restore movement and flexibilility and to achieve structural realignment and balance.

Mike offers Osteopathy, Myofascial Release, the Full Body MOT (90mins, combining the initial Osteopathy consultation with the first follow-up appointment), Scar Tissue Work and his new signature Find Your Centre treatment option - Mike says:

"We all have a nervous system, and we all have a brain that uses the nervous system to communicate with the body, and it really works both ways. Join me on this journey of sensory feedback to investigate chronic pain and dysfunction that remains after you’ve been to see everybody else; join me as we help restore neural pathways (and therefore function!) that your brain at some point shifted you away from (it thought it was helping, maybe it did at the time), but meant you were stuck in a cycle of compression and inflammation, creating reduced mobility, joint dysfunction and inflammation also known as PAIN - and learn how this can inhibit Diaphragm and breathing mechanics/function, which are essential for so much in the body, not *just* for maintaining spinal mobility and stability."


Mike also works at a clinic in Belgravia on Tuesdays - see more at

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