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Medical Thai Massage
Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a form of healing that works on both the muscular system and on the 'energy body' to release blockages within our energy channels. The client lies on a futon on the floor and remains clothed, whilst the practitioner uses palming, thumbing and yoga stretches to facilitate energy flow.

The combination of pressure and stretches on the body has a deeply relaxing effect on the whole body. Thai Yoga Massage enhances our general health and can alleviate conditions such as: 

  •     stiffness in the body

  •     multiple sclerosis

  •     stress

  •     anxiety

  •     general fatigue

  •     back and shoulder problems


The massage is safe and beneficial in pregnancy after the first trimester.


Thai Yoga Massage is offered by Fiona Le Vien.


Appointment times and costs:

60 mins                                                £70

90 mins                                                £100


To book Thai Yoga Massage with Fiona online, click here. 

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