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We could not be any more EXCITED! From April onwards, The Little Escape will have a STUDIO and we’re going to be setting up LOTS of exciting health, wellbeing and fitness related group WORKSHOPS, CLASSES & EVENTS!


Welcome to The Little Escape Studio!

Located directly next door to our Treatment Centre, The Little Escape Studio will be the PERFECT extension to our wonderful haven of therapists, and the amazing therapies we offer already - many of them are already thinking about ways in which they can use the space to complement what they already do. 


After a short refurb, the Studio will be available for use on a sessional rental basis, so if you have ideas and are looking for a space to host your workshops, classes, events, get in touch - we already know a lot of health, wellbeing and fitness teachers and providers in the area (Crystal Palace is a real hub of wellness!), so you hopefully already know we’re super friendly and collaborative, and you can count on our support to spread the word and help you achieve your goals.


We are particularly interested in teachers/providers of the following disciplines:


* Mindfulness

* Meditation

* Sound Baths

* Stretch therapy

* Tai Chi / Qi Gong

* Hypnobirthing

* Hypnotherapy

* Group Psychotherapy

* Support groups

* Baby massage

* Workshops for the elderly 

* CPD sessions

* Training courses and workshops i.e. Reiki Level 1, 2


Drop us a line at for more details on how to work with us, and to share your ideas - we've had some interest already are are starting to create an exciting schedule! Pictures and updates to be provided once we get access to the Studio from April onwards. 

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