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Post-Natal Massage

The arrival of your baby is a time of great joy, emotion and also change. Not only is your body recovering from the demands of labour and birth but your new role as a mother brings with it a new set of demands. Post Natal Massage is a good way to take care of yourself following the birth and during the first year helping relieve aching muscles, soothe emotion and bring about a state of deep relaxation helping lay the foundations for long term emotional and physical health. This service is offered by Suzanne, Marion and Marie.

Benefits of Post Natal Massage


Aches and Pains: Massage can relieve general aches and pains post-labour and increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. Focus can be given to the mid back and shoulder area to relieve tension from breast or bottle feeding and carrying your baby. 

Circulation: Massage can improve circulation and help eliminate excess fluid and reduce fluid retention.

Emotional Recovery: The whole process of labour and birth is an enormous event and can feel overwhelming. Taking a small amount of time to focus on yourself can be very healing and helps support emotional recovery. The benefits of positive touch can also feel very supportive after a traumatic birth. 

Deep Relaxation: Early parenthood can be exhausting due to broken sleep and the relentless needs of a new baby. It is extremely important to take time to relax fully and deeply giving your body a chance to rest and repair, boosting energy levels and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. The addition of individually tailored healing essential oils to your massage blend further enhances the relaxing effect of the massage.

When to start Post Natal Massage


If you had a regular delivery or one without complications you can have a massage as soon as you feel ready. If you had a cesarean delivery it is best to check with your doctor and wait at least 3 weeks until the scar has healed and you are able to move about comfortably. Talk to your therapist about what's most comfortable for you. If, for instance, you had a cesarean delivery or you are breastfeeding and feeling sore and tender you may be more comfortable laying on your side or having extra cushioning. 

For some issues after your pregnancy, Physiotherapy or Osteopathy may be a better option:


Simone offers Pregnancy Physiotherapy.

Mike, Peter and Auste offer Osteopathy.

Auste also offers Pilates 1-2-1 for Post-Natal.





Post-Natal Massage is available as in 60 min appointments, and costs £60. 


Meet our Post-Natal Massage therapists - click on each name to find out what they do, and how they do it!

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