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Counselling and Psychotherapy


Life can be confusing and difficult at times and it can be helpful to talk to a professional outside of our social circle.

Counselling provides a secure, confidential space to talk about our life and anything that may be a source of conflict, confusion or pain. It helps us to explore and work through difficult thoughts and feelings and unhelpful ways of coping by looking at the underlying issues and to see some patterns we may be repeating over time. It develops a feeling of being nurtured and increases belief in ourselves and our own qualities, supporting us to change and find a way forward with increased awareness and clarity.

Your therapist will not direct you or give advice but will offer a therapeutic dialogue, listening patiently and without judgement. Everyone is unique and your sessions will reflect your needs and goals, which may change over time. These sessions will always be confidential.

Therapy can support us in our self development, or where anxieties can somehow feel undefined and it’s difficult to find a path through. It can help with feelings of loss or bereavement, relationship difficulties, redundancy, lack of confidence and low self - esteem or through illness and at the end of life. It’s useful in areas such as anxiety, depression, sexuality or identity issues.

It can be especially effective at times of normal, if challenging life transitions such as retirement, becoming a parent or menopause – no matter what the issues; by expressing them we can find an improved sense of purpose and meaning.

We have various counsellors and psychotherapists at The Little Escape, all with their own individual areas of special interest.


Offered by:

Please go to each therapists bio page for their individual contact details to make an enquiry.

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