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Claire has studied Shonishin - Japanese Paediatric Acupuncture - this treatment is commonly used for a variety of Children's ailments.

Children’s bio-energetic systems are not fully formed and, being at the most “yang” phase of their existence, their energy (Qi) moves extremely rapidly. Consequently, children’s systems can be easily over stimulated, and health problems can progress rapidly.

Shonishin focuses on gentle, specialized, mostly non-inserted treatment techniques that children find comfortable and even pleasurable. Dramatic results can be obtained even with very light treatment.

Shonishin techniques involve rhythmic stroking, rubbing, tapping, and pressing the skin to give different kinds of gentle stimulation. These techniques harmonize and fortify the child’s vital energy, and strengthen the child’s constitution. Some techniques can also be taught to the parents for home treatment.

The specifics of the treatment (frequency, dosage, strength) depend on the practitioner, the age, and condition of the child, among other factors. Treatments for children are actually very brief: a typical treatment generally lasts only one to five minutes. Generally speaking, the older the child, the longer the treatment. However, treatment sessions may be longer as there are so many things to consider in treating children - keeping them calm and comfortable is a priority!

The key to successful Shonishin treatment is “less is better.” The beauty of Shonishin is its simplicity, gentleness, and effectiveness.

Paediatric acupuncture is suitable for children up to the age of 16, and parents must always be present for treatment.


Offered by Claire Dabreo.

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Initial consultation 45 mins               £70

Follow up 30 mins                              £45

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