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Facial Acupuncture is a relatively new innovation in the UK – but the Chinese have been using it for thousands of years. At least as early as the Song Dynasty (960AD-1270AD), Acupuncture revitalisation practices were employed for the Empress and the Emperor's concubines. The Chinese discovered and utilized ways to change the energy flow within the body to initiate the healing process for revitalisation helping the body to look and feel better.

Details of what happens in a treatment

  • full Chinese medicine diagnosis

  • pre-treatment with organic floral facial waters (to make needles as pain-free as possible)

  • gentle needle insertion to ears, body, scalp and face points according to individual need / constitution

  • relaxation time

  • gentle needle removal

  • facial massage with natural oils


A typical course of treatments would be 12 treatments over 6-12 weeks, and effects should last 2-5 years - depending on maintenance.


Each treatment lasts about an hour and a half and is very relaxing.


Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sopie Dahl are a few of the many celebrity beauties who apparently use it regularly as part of their holistic beauty routines!

Please note

This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women, pituitary disorders, people with high blood pressure (even if it is controlled with medication), diabetics, people with an active cold, flu or herpes outbreak (though they can have a normal acupuncture treatment to help their general wellness), or people that have had another type of facial procedure (e.g. botox, restylane, surgical facelifts etc) within the past 12 months. We use the finest Japanese needles and do everything we can to prevent bruising, including using a herbal hydrolat and essential oils, but temporary bruising is a possibility. If you bruise easily, do call first and we may recommend a course of supplements to help prevent this.

"There is more to younger looking skin than lines and wrinkles...Guiding dermatologists often say when skin is more even-toned you look younger" Clinique



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