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Health Coaching

A Health Coach acts as a committed partner and experienced professional in the field of whole health, specialising in lifestyle and behaviour transformation. Working closely with clients or patients aiming to implement lasting changes for improved overall well-being, a Health Coach empowers individuals to navigate and adapt to health challenges within their unique environments. This collaborative approach fosters the development of confidence, enabling conscious and sustainable lifestyle choices. By guiding clients towards activities that align with their whole health potential, a Health Coach recognises and embraces the uniqueness of each individual.

Taking a holistic perspective, a Health Coach considers an array of lifestyle factors that can either bolster or hinder health. This encompasses elements such as finding purpose and meaning in life, the nuances of eating habits, the intricacies of movement, sleep patterns, rest, play, stress management, the dynamics of relationships and social connections, and the overall quality of one's living environment.

Acknowledging that each client or patient is an expert in their own life, a Health Coach assumes the role of a non-judgmental ally. Their mission is to support, educate, and motivate individuals, fostering sustainable breakthroughs in their journey towards whole health.

As a qualified and credentialed professional, a Health Coach adheres to the highest standards of Professional Health Coaching. This commitment encompasses upholding the Scope of Practice, fulfilling Continuing Professional Development requirements, and adhering to a professional Code of Conduct, in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the professional association to which the Health Coach is a member. This ensures that the Health Coach's practice aligns seamlessly with the principles and expectations of their professional community.


HEALTH COACHING is offered by Natasha Rawson-McKenzie, and is available on request. 

Appointment times and costs:

Initial consultation 90 minutes                 £75

Follow up appointment 45 minutes         £55

Package options:

1 x initial consultation + 2 x follow-ups = £195

1 x initial consultation + 2 x follow-ups + 2 Yoga Therapy (at the Studio) = £215

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