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We have a variety of Energy Healing, available from Lisabetta Vilela. To book Energy Healing online with Lisabetta, click here

Energy healing can be booked for 60 minutes or 90 minute appointments, at the following prices:

  • £75 (60min) 

  • £110 (90min) 


Lisabetta Vilela is an Intuitive Practitioner and Guide who has worked at The Little Escape for many years and has extensive knowledge and in Energy Healings.  

If you're not sure exactly what you want from your session, or you want further information you can call Lisabetta or email her: 07980798441 / /

The following are the different types of energy healing that can be incorporated into your session with Lisabetta according to your needs.  For example, your first 60 mins session may include Emotional Cord Release and Starseed Sound Healing for a Release, Reset and Rebalance session.


Lisabetta also offers an Energy Release & Uplift Package to energise and empower yourself: 

Emotional Cord Release 


Free yourself of the emotional cords from family, friends and relationships of all kinds that hold you back and then re-connect in a conscious and healthy way. This healing modality releases cords to all emotional and material attachments, cutting completely any negative energy.  Release and reset to move forward with ease.


Adam Kadmon Activation


Uplift into the Lightbody vibration for enlightened spiritual and personal growth, soul purpose, heightened intuition, spiritual abilities and gifts revealed, family karma cleansed, and more vitality to create and live from your purpose.  This is a 90 minutes session and is £137, includes morning and evening cleansing elixirs & spiritual guidance.  Only one session is necessary:


Starseed Sound Healing


With sound vibration tuned at specific energy points on the body your magnetic and physical energy flow is restored and balanced. This healing is calming and relaxing on the nervous system and supports the relief of pain and deep emotional processing like grief and addiction recovery.

Aura Healing


The several aura layers existing around your body protects and influences many aspects of your being. Negative influence, injury or lifestyle can deplete and weaken the aura structure, which can impact on your emotional, mental and physical health, feeling 'stuck' and out of sorts.  In this healing the layers are restored, unwanted blocks removed and vital flow resumed.

Galactic Ray Healing


This healing supports your recovery and rehabilitation from chronic illness when you feel low and depleted. The Galactic Rays are channelled using ancient symbols which remain in your etheric energy and flow creative life force to restore and recover. It's recommended to have 3 sessions within 3 weeks for optimum results. (A free emotional cord release is offered with 3 sessions).

Egyptian Magick - Isis Healing


This re-birth ritual releases your outmoded emotional patterns to be reborn with a new emotional energy structure.  In this ancient process your emotional energy field is cleared, stagnant emotional patterns released and you are strengthened with a clear mind ready to rebuild healthier relationship with your emotional self.  Supports all integrated healing.  One session will last 6 months:



ENERGY HEALING is offered by Lisabetta Vilela on Tuesday mornings and alternate Sundays. 

To book Energy Healing online with Lisabetta, click here

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