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Aromatherapy’s beauty is in more than just its lovely scents. Aromatic essential oils extracted from trees, flowers, grasses, herbs, fruits, leaves and roots have the power to alleviate disease, encourage vibrant health, and soothe stress.


An aromatherapy treatment involves a soothing massage with a blend of essential oils tailored to the individual after an initial consultation. These powerful oils are absorbed through the skin and inhaled and can be amazingly effective. Depending on your requirements, oils can be calming or stimulating, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, or working with particular systems of the body.

Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness, and it works with the whole person – not just isolated ailments. Paired with healthy lifestyle habits and a dose of common sense, aromatherapy can work wonders for body and soul.



We have two Aromatherapists, Suzanne and Mayumi.


Suzanne Goggin works on Monday, Tuesday,  Thursday and Saturday mornings. 

Click here to book Aromatherapy online with Suzanne.

Mayumi Okunishi works on Monday afternoon, Thursday evening, Friday mornings and all day Sunday. 

Click here to book Aromatherapy online with Mayumi.

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