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Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage derived from Eastern medicine.  The shiatsu touch is grounding and deeply relaxing. It works to calm the sympathetic nervous system whilst also stimulating the body’s natural healing ability.

Vital energy or 'chi' continuously flows through established meridians in the body. Therefore blockages in the body which inhibit energy flow combined with poor vitality will contribute to a wide range of illnesses and disharmony such as tension, pain, fatigue, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches and stress.

Lisabetta is a very experienced practitioner. At the start of any session she fully assesses your current energy state to apply the most tailored approach for your needs.  She uses pressure, acupressure, holding, stretching and gentle fascia-release methods to stimulate points and areas along the meridians to promote vitality, reduce blocks, pain and tension held in the body.  Nothing is forced as shiatsu supports the body to balance and stimulate the recipients natural self-healing potential.

Shiatsu is beneficial for acute, chronic conditions, trauma as well as an effective method of self-maintenance to manage stress and maintain body-mind health.


Please wear or bring loose fitting clothing for your treatment.


SHIATSU is offered by Lisabetta Vilela on Tuesdays. and alternate Sundays.


Appointment times and costs:

60 mins                                                £65

90 mins                                                £95


To book Shiatsu with Lisabetta online, click here. 

Lisabetta also offers:

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