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60 mins                                                        £65

90 mins                                                        £95


60 mins                                                        £60

90 mins                                                        £90

Energy Healing

60 mins                                                        £75

90 mins                                                        £95

Adam Kadmon supplement (for elixirs).   £25


Tuesdays 9am-2pm

Sundays 10-6pm 




Lisabetta is a Shiatsu Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Meditation teacher.

Her interest in complementary therapies began in 2001 with Usui Reiki, a gentle yet effective healing used for herself and others. In 2007 she graduated in Shiatsu, a Japanese massage system grounded in Eastern traditional medicine and body/mind philosophy. Her passion to move through limitations led her to train in 2011 in advanced Energy Therapies that 'clean' up and remove negative patterns in the etheric field around the body. This better enables us to release physical pain and process emotional and mental blocks with clarity and purpose.

Lisabetta has an integrated and holistic approach to her sessions, treating the person as a 'whole' as well as specific symptoms. This has led clients to experience profound and empowering changes in both physical and emotional well-being. She holds a compassionate space for clients to move through physical pain, anxiety, depression,andemotional blocks, supporting each to feel lighter, balanced and empowered in their life choices. 

She utilises her extensive knowledge and intuition in Energy Therapies (Aura healing, AK Activations, Emotional Cord Release) offering specialised 'Energy hygiene' sessions which compliments the massage system of shiatsu.  

Lisabetta enjoys working with all age groups and ailments, supporting the person to heal on a physical, emotional and soul level. She is passionate about the self-healing potential of each person, and supports this in her sessions.

As an experienced Meditation teacher she leads a Sunday Meditation class as well as Energy Maintenance, Qi awareness and Esoteric study classes. 

On a monthly basis Lis also facilitates Women Circle, Tai Chi and Reiki classes in Crystal Palace. 

For more information visit, or here to read an interview.




Contact Lis for a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss the best therapy for your specific needs and goals.

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